** Election Judges Needed **

Election Judges set up and close the voting location and make sure voters get checked in and are voting at the right location. This is a paid position! For more information, see FAQ at the bottom of this page.

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Alternate Election Judge FAQ

What is an Alternate Election Judge?

An Election Judge (commonly known as “Precinct Judge”) is an individual empowered by Harris County with the authority of a sitting Judge to oversee the operations of a designated polling location for a specific election. An Election Judge is classified into two categories: Presiding Judge and Alternate Judge. The Presiding Judge officially in charge of, and responsible for,  a designated polling location. The Alternate Judge serves in a Deputy capacity to the Presiding Judge. The Election Judges will (usually) not be of the same party in the general election.

** The Election Judge is NOT the Precinct Chair, but often Precinct Chairs serve as Election Judges **

What are some of the responsibilies?

Staffing of the polling location
Communication with the property manager of the polling location
Inspection of your polling location to ensure Election Law standards are met
Supply Hand-Out
Polling Location preparation for Election Day
Posting a Notice of Polling Location Change (if applicable)
Overseeing Election Day administrative and legal duties
Report Election Day incidents to the County and HCDP (Call law enforcement)
Completing Election Day paperwork
Supply Drop-Off


Why is this position so important?

Democratic Election Judges safeguard elections in our precinct by preventing GOP tactics to deter Democrats from voting. If there are not enough Democratic Election Judges, the polling location will be staffed by only Republican Election Judges. We want to make sure we have both Parties present at the polls to make sure all of our neighbors get the opportunity to vote and get help when they need it.

How much does it pay?

$8 to $12 an hour