Our Plan To Increase Democratic Turnout In Our Precinct


A huge reason why people don't vote is because they don't know when, where, why, how, and who to vote for.

The Who is up to you but we can work together to guide our neighbors through the rest. This website serves as a central location where you can find: 

  • What elections we will be having each year

  • When its time to vote each year and important deadlines

  • Where our precinct's voting location is and where you can early vote

  • What you need to vote - If you need ID, how to get registered

  • Where you can find information about the candidates running in our precinct


Once you have all the information at your disposal, the next step is to get activated! Precinct volunteers and I will be calling our neighbors each election cycle to:

  • Make sure you have a vote plan - are you going to early vote, vote on election day, or vote by mail

  • Hold you accountable to your plan - that means reminding Early Voters every few days until they vote, making sure Mail Voters return their ballots and reminding and securing rides for Election Day Voters

Between elections we'll help you stay engaged with our Senate District and attend District and State conventions as a Delegate, keep you up to date on initiatives with the Harris County, State, and National Democratic Party, and if you're interested, work together with you to help turnout our neighbors in Timbergrove.


Once you have the other two down, it's time time to take a leadership role. Here are some ways to be a Democratic leader:

  • Become a Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar

  • Become a Neighborhood Captain in our Precinct (see below)

  • Become a Precinct Judge

  • Serve on the Board on one of the Democratic clubs

  • Run for Precinct Chair (I cant and hold this position forever)


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Neighborhood Teams


I plan on working with you and our neighbors to make sure we can get at least get 60% of registered Democrats to vote in our precinct. This can be accomplished by breaking the precinct up into Zones and establishing neighborhood teams in each.

Neighborhood Zones:

  • Zone 1: Timbergrove Manor sections 6

    • Neighborhood Captain: Ruth Attar

  • Zone 2: Timbergrove section 7, 11

    • Neighborhood Captain: VACANT​​

  • Zone 3: Timbergrove section 5 

    • Neighborhood Captain: VACANT​​

  • Zone 4: Timbergrove Heights Apartments

    • Neighborhood Captain: VACANT​​

  • Zone 5: City Park in the Heights

    • Neighborhood Captain: VACANT​​

  • Zone 6: The Grove at White Oak Apartments

    • Neighborhood Captain: VACANT​​

  • Zone 7: Heights West 11th Apartments

    • Neighborhood Captain: VACANT​​

  • Zone 8: Stonewood Apartments

    • Neighborhood Captain: VACANT​​

  • Zone 9: Maxroy Mews

    • Neighborhood Captain: VACANT​​​

  • Zone 10: Eureka Vista, Letein Street Homes, and Maxroy Street Gardens

    • Neighborhood Captain: VACANT​​​

  • Zone 11: Timbergrove Point

    • Neighborhood Captain: VACANT​​​

  • Zone 12: Reserve at Washington and Mayfair at Hempstead

    • Neighborhood Captain: VACANT​​​

  • Zone 13: Somerset Green

    • Neighborhood Captain: VACANT​​​

  • Zone 14: Viridian Design District Apartments

    • Neighborhood Captain: VACANT​​​

  • Zone 15: Cheval Apartments

    • Neighborhood Captain: Tarah Taylor (Precinct Chair)

Each neighborhood is unique so a Neighborhood Captain will serve as the precinct 0902 point of contact for their Zone. Neighborhood Captains will help make sure everyone in their Zone votes. This makes it easier to reach all voters in the precinct and easier for voters to get in touch with someone in their immediate area since the precinct is so large.