What is a Precinct Chair?

A precinct is the smallest political subdivision in Texas. Precinct Chairs are the officials elected to oversee individual precincts. Their responsibility is to engage directly with voters in a small, geographic area. 

Precinct Chairs are responsible for ​mobilizing voters and getting them to the polls, bridging the gap between voters and elected officials, finding election judges for elections, plugging volunteers into county-wide efforts and local campaigns, organizing their precinct, and serving on the County Executive Committee



Tarah Taylor has lived in Precinct 0902 for 2 years with her daughter Loren. Tarah has been a lifelong Democrat and has worked at every level of government: from the City of Houston, to the Texas Senate, to the White House. She is well known in the political community as an expert in field canvassing and phone banking which she learned from working on campaigns for Texas Senator John Whitmire, County Commissioner Rodney Ellis, Former President Barack Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders, as well as coordinated campaigns with organizations, such as Texas Organizing Project, and ballot initiatives for HERO and the City of Houston Pension Bond.


Tarah's commitment to engaging neighbors to make changes in their community is unmatched. She was a community organizer for the ACLU of Texas, a union organizer for National Nurses United, and AFSCME Local 123 who represents City of Houston employees. She has traveled to organize in Ferguson Missouri and assist with criminal justice reform efforts and Puerto Rico to organize residents around the debt crisis.


Tarah earned an Associates degree in Marketing from Houston Community College and  a Bachelor's  degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Business from the University of Houston-Downtown. She has organizing training from Midwest Academy, Wellstone, and the AFL-CIO Organizing Institute.


Precinct 0902 Democratic Precinct Chair

Tarah Taylor